This is a niche area that I help people overcome at the highest level of discretion.

With the hustle and bustle of everyday lives, coupled with technology, with the click of a button people can have access to multiple people looking for companionship.

These companionships can range from websites where people are looking for long term relationships / marriages, some are simple one time sex flings, others are married/already committed people looking for extra-marital/outside the relationship affairs. My point is it is easier than it has ever been before to fall into this whirlwind of destructive weakness. 9 times out of 10 these companionship encounters that start based of lies, sex and deception always end up in some level of hurtful destruction.

I have a 99% success rate with this particular niche.

With the clients that I have helped overcome infidelity and other sex addictions, there is usually very similar commonalities that were the reasons the inappropriate companionships began. Another commonality is that people generally want to do the right thing, and as much as infidelity can seem exciting at first, guilt and self loathing sets in.

Destruction Phenomenon

Another common phenomenon is ‘creating’ the person in the inappropriate relationship for what you think you need or think is missing in your life. What is completely unhealthy about this is, this person is not around you, but when it is safe. This time only has time for the good, what you want to see, what you PERCEIVE them to be. What we perceive in our minds, becomes our TRUE REALITY. This is a true recipe for destruction. I have seen families torn apart. I have seen good relationships fail. I have seen the secret lovers that created each other in each others’ minds actually leave their old committed partners for these relationship companionships that started on the foundation of sex, lies, adrenaline, secret phones and some even pay for sex companionships. These relationships that take sprout from the foundation of deceit will never have the true love and trust that a relationship built on friendship, trust and love have. I have seen children left to broken homes, and then the parent that leaves has children with the new companion, only to leave that new companion either during the pregnancy of the new child or thereafter. This not only causes broken homes, but also huge financial implications like child support and alimony.


Even if the destruction of infidelity has entered into the life you lead, and you are shaking your head at what to do, this can be helped.

There is usually an underlying reason why…

My specific education helps you to not only stop these destructive behaviors, but also help you to understand why you may do what you do.

If you are having problems being faithful in your marriage or committed relationship, I can help. I understand many reasons why people do this and am able to help you to reframe your thinking. Through hypnosis, your subconscious can actually help guide you into the long, trusting and true love filled relationship you actually desire.

You can trust that anything we discuss will be completely confidential. I am here to help you unlock your potential. If you are wanting a more fulfilling relationship, but maybe are having troubles because your are always fighting, bored, have that need for excitement or maybe even just feel you are sex deprived… these things can all be addressed by you looking inside YOU, and changing your perceptions of how you see your relationship partner/spouse. It’s amazing how when you change you, and do self improvement for you instead of trying to change the other person… life opens up!

Love and Light To All!

Tyra Woods-Wade, CHHt/High Priestess

International Board Of Coaches And Practitioners

International Certification Board Of Clinical Hypnotherapy

American Board Of Clinical Hypnotherapy

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The International Alliance of Professional Hypnotists

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Author: Tyra Woods-Wade