One of the fears I hear sometimes from first time hypnotherapy clients is:

“I don’t know if I can do it

This is a normal, waking thought or fear. This fear however holds the same weight as someone without insomnia not thinking that can go to sleep. We have all had nights where we have had thoughts that you didn’t think you were able to fall asleep, and then you opened your eyes in the morning…

So you did!

When I am talking with you, you will hear me saying the words:

  • Relaxation
  • Trance
  • Hypnosis
  • Heightened Level of Awareness
  • Different Dimension of the Mind
  • Sleep
  • Your Time
  • Meditation

They are all the same thing.

You will hear every word I speak, be able to think your own particular thoughts and go to sleep to my voice.

Not the kind of sleep you enter into at night or nap time, but a special hypnotic sleep where you can steer hear the sound of my voice. The kind of sleep where you can dream your listening to the sound of my voice. The kind of sleep where you realize your thoughts, but also realize thoughts can be thought, but they don’t have to be though in this special sleep. You realize you are awake, but in a different dimension of consciousness, and it happened easy and effortlessly with you doing zero work.

I am looking for you to be in this state, ad when you are the therapy magic begins.

We all have different conscious levels and brain waves that change with each level. I am able to tell where you are at by the way your body is reacting to the sound of my voice. This is why I do my hypnosis in person; some people take longer to get to the brain wave pattern where suggestions are easily absorbed… and other people fall into this brain wave pattern very quickly.

Have you ever been watching TV and fell asleep, but still able to hear the sounds in the room? THIS is the brain waves I take you in during my hypnosis sessions.

I will describe the different brain waves and states of consciousness:

Beta (14-40Hz)  Consciousness (Not There…)

Alpha (7.5-14Hz) Deeply Relaxed (Almost…)

THEN there is the next 3 brain wave states where I do hypnotherapy:

Theta (4-7.5Hz)  Light Meditation and that half asleep feeling… (90% of your sessions)

 Delta (0.5-4Hz) DEEP sleep… not dreaming

Gamma (above 40Hz) Insight and able to process high levels of information… (usually right at the end in my sessions)

With all of the above information, I also want to emphasize that al hypnosis is SELF HYPNOSIS. You my be thinking “how is that, when you were jut told you don’t have to do anything.” *CORRECT and CORRECT* If someone is intentionally resisting or trying to prove they can’t be hypnotized etc… they will most likely not. Your subconcious mind can’t be “programmed” or given suggestions against your will or morality; so all you need to do is believe in the process. It is so fascinating once you have been under hypnosis with a specific goal to see how powerful you are once you start seeing results.

If you have any other questions, or are interested in hypnotherapy I welcome your call or text. 480.369.1683 The first meeting is an in person FREE consultation for me to determine if I think your a good candidate for hypnosis, as well as you to determine if you want to work with me.

Love & Light – T