These 2 words have not been heard by many, laughed at by some, benefited many and… So, what is an Earth Angel, and how do you know if you have met one, OR ARE ONE?

Are you perfect in every way? NO… either are Earth Angels. All mortals with little room for exception are almost incapable of perfection, and this is the way it is and should be. There isn’t a perfect equation to tell if you or someone you know is an Earth Angel, but I will describe below some very common characteristics of most Earth Angels.

FIRST: what is an Earth Angel anywayZZZZ? <3 🙂

These people are humans, just like everyone else… with the exception of having a higher level of knowing and connection to higher spiritual beings and connections with all living things. These beings seem to be able to communicate with people telepathically, have strong and loving connections to all animals, and also usually plants & nature… and especially have enormous empathy for all living things, with the ability to feel emotions of others as well as other gifts that have been with them since birth. Many Earth Angels claim to remember being in the womb of their mother, which is almost an impossibility due to normal babies brains not having the part of the brain developed for lasting memory till about the age of 2 (earliest). Earth Angels are said to have chosen to come back after having many lives. They are not coming back to re-live and learn experiences not learned in prior lives like many will say…. RATHER THE CONTRARY… they come back at their choosing, to serve with love and compassion.

Earth Angels usually have chosen families with turmoil and pain to experience and learn more lessons to help humanity. Earth Angels have overcome a multitude of disparities that help them to connect to people at a higher level of understanding, pain, spirituality and overcoming. Earth Angels have the capability of holding higher vibrations of energy than most people… HOWEVER they are in mortal form and not perfect, so that vibration can be highly disturbed when emotional disturbances occur, especially when harm or potential harm is brought or sought to be brought to their loved ones. EARTH ANGELS love deep and love in truth. When an Earth Angel says they love you- you can be sure they do and know this is the most loyal, safe and protected love with very few conditions. Earth Angels love virtually unconditionally, unless harm or hurt is brought to their loved ones, and then the wrath of that love is just as strong in the furry of angered protection.

Earth Angels tend to have a higher emotional as well as intelligence quotient, but not always both. When meeting an Earth Angel, the sense of familiarity and almost a love at first sight is often described. If you have lived other lives before, have a twin flame, soul mate etc… you will certainly feel the connection if the Earth Angel is connected to you over other lifetimes. Most times, the Earth Angel will recognize your soul immediately and have an intensity about them, yet also a respectful and kind blankness towards you, but you can’t shake the feeling you are deeply loved when around them.

Earth Angels are not perfect. I will say that again…. Earth Angels are not perfect and when they make mistakes, they are their own highest critic and punisher– until they learn the lesson of SELF FORGIVENESS and SELF LOVE… which most do, usually in the latter half of their mortal life. Most Earth Angels are grateful for everything in their life, but have also experienced a life that had to be worked at very hard to not only survive, but to learn the lessons needed for their purpose.

There are many, many similarities in all Earth Angels, which I will continue on later. For now, just absorb and ponder on these words.

Love to all! In the end, all their is — is science and love.

Tyra Woods-Wade <3